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Starting Over with Statamic



Twitter has been a flutter with talk about this new file based content management system, Statamic. I checked it out and instantly fell in love. So, what better time to start a redesign? This site is now running on Statamic — it was a breeze.

Aside from the major selling point—being entirely database-less—the great thing to me is that I can add new custom fields much easier than I would in ExpressionEngine. All it takes here is typing a few words in YAML and it’s done. No need to click through a bunch of screens and worry about syncing databases.

The redesign

I’ve tried to stay simple and minimal on this version. It’s dark and mainly typography based — I haven’t changed my mind 5 times yet like I normally do, so it must be okay. The main thing on this one is that its fully responsive. Really.

Out with the old

I’ve migrated a couple of blog posts from my old site, and scrapped the rest. There were only two that I felt were of any use to anyone at all, including myself.


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